Josie 2 People Poems

I skipped through my childhood

    I tripped over youth -

But those days were happy

    I must tell the truth.


I danced through my twenties -

    My thirties appeared:

Oh, the housework and baby  -

    Just as I feared . . . . for


With foot on accelerator

    I sped through my life:

And no time to spare

    As a hard working wife.


I dashed through my forties

    Giving all of my time

To those who should need it -

    A quite uphill climb.


I jogged through my fifties

    With hours that were few

But my sixties and seventies?

      I’ve now time for YOU.


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Are my words true?   Yes, of course they are, and I hope you tell your friends:  Google JOSIE'S POEMS!!  Then you'll have time for me too.



By Josie Whitehead

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