Funny Poems Daddy's Sneezing Habit

Johnny’s nose was runny –

   You’ll know just what I mean.

The hanky which his Mum gave him

   Was meant to keep it clean.


But a dreadful thing then happened

   Whilst poor Johnny was asleep

For his runny nose, whilst he lay there,

   Took one  E N O R M O U  S  leap.


Off Johnny's nose went running fast.

   What speed a nose can go!!!

It nimbly sped down Johnny’s stairs –

    For noses don’t go slow.


Out through the open window fled

    The runny nose, chop chop –

Then through the village, up the hill

    And past the butcher’s shop.


You must know noses can run off?

    You know of that I’m sure!

But this nose without Johnny’s face,

    Felt somewhat insecure.


Much more than this, the nose was lost,

   And rather frightened too,

And a nose that feels quite lost and scared

   Well, what should that nose do?


It did what you or I would do -

   Rushed back to Johnny’s face.

When he awoke he found his nose

   Back in its usual place!


What happened is a secret.

    Even Johnny doesn’t know –

But I think you'll remember this

   Next time you have a blow.


Copyright on all my poems

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