Once there was a leopard cub -

    Lenny was his name -

But a dreadful thing occurred one day,

    And this was such a shame.


The wind was blowing through the trees

    And the rain, oh how it poured,

And Lenny slept beneath a tree

    And, goodness, how he snored, zzzzzzzzzz


His mother searched for her poor son;

    She called him, but in vain,

But he slept through the raging storm,

    Despite the wind and rain.


When he awoke, the storm had passed,

    And his mother came in view:

"Oh goodness Lenny," she called out,

    "There's something wrong with you!"


Can you now guess what had occurred

    To Lenny, on this day?

The rain had soaked through Lenny's coat

    And washed his spots away.


So, if you have a ginger puss,

      And your cat was a stray,

I'm sure he's Lenny Leopard Cub

     Whose spots were washed away!



Copyright on all my poems


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