By Josie Whitehead

Let's Make a Nice Cake Then - Heading Making the Christmas Pudding Listening Page Scraping Out the Bowl Using Your Common Senses Story Poems 1

It was raining outside and we'd nothing to do,

And the boredom we felt - well it just grew and grew.

     We’d played all our games and Mum had gone out

     But all of a sudden we heard Daddy shout:


"I know what we'll do.  Let's make a nice cake,"

And nobody thought it could be a mistake.

    So out came the eggs, the butter and flour -

    And Dad said:  "We'll make it in less than an hour."


We added the butter and sweet raisins too.

They went in Mum's mixer, to blend them right through:

    Whatever went wrong?  Well none of us knows -  

    But Daddy was covered from head down to toes.


Round went the beaters, and out flew the cake -

And the mixer banged loudly and started to shake.

     You couldn't get near it to turn off the switch.

      Well, surely a spell had been cast by a witch!


With cake mix all over the ceiling and wall,

And with some of it flying right out in the hall,

    Dad managed to stop it, but oh what a mess -

     And what did we look like?  I think you can guess.


We were covered all over from head to the floor -

And the cake mix oozed out from even a drawer.

    It covered the windows, the cooker and sink

    "Oh what a catastrophe," I'm sure you will think.


Despite a good clean up, our Dad still looked vexed,

So how did the day go?   You'll know what came next!

    At last our poor kitchen was clean once again

    And who should return then from out in the rain?


Our mother returned and what did she say?

"Have you had a nice time on this gloomy old day?"

      And what we had done - well, she hadn't a clue -

      So let's keep it a secret - it's the best thing to do.


Copyright on all my poems



Follow Up:  Who has made a cake using a mixer?  Tell us about it.  Who has made something else?  Who is an expert cook and what is your favourite dish?  There is much to discuss following this poem.  Josie