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I like pizza for my tea,

I like swimming in the sea ,

    I like chocolate and ice cream

    But I don’t like to hear you scream.


I like milk and orangeade,

I like digging with my spade.

    I like apples - also pears,

    But I don’t like falling down the stairs.


I like playing with my ball,

I like to play with my friend Paul,

    I like the monkeys at the zoo,

    But I don’t like monsters – well, do you?


I like jumping in the air,

I like my cuddly teddy bear.

    I love a piece of Mummy’s cake

    But I don’t like a hissing snake.


I like my computer games,

I like things with funny names,

    I’ve told you of the things I like,

    And now I’m off to ride my bike!



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