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See the children of Crossover School Ghana performing:  Mr Worm  and The Most Precious Gift  .  If your school would like to perform a poem, contact me please.  I'd be delighted.  Also just a voice recording.

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Freedom And Then Out Came the Sun Benjamin Bear Bubbles The Chubby Puppy Clickety Clack Diddledy Daddledy Five Hungry Ducklings Freedom Hickory Dickory Dock I Like Lots of Baby Ducklings Ice Cream Tears It's a Quacking Shame It's Long After Midnight Jack and Jill A Ladybird Likes and Dislikes Little Green Caterpillar Little Butterfly Little Susie Spider Mrs Moo My Favourite Food Off to Nursery School Peas Please Quackers, The Nuisance Duck Rat a Tat-Tat Scarecrow Rap Stupid Incy Wincy Spider Ten Tiny Bubbles Tortoise and the Hare When I'm Hungry Balloons Woman, Why Weepest Thou? Ode to the Bluebells All So Different Betty's Butty At the Zoo Cat is a Cat for All That Clickety Clack Do's and Don'ts A Dragon Called Drac Fish and Chips Again If Children Ruled the World In Fairyland Look at Our World Mickledy-Me Mr Wind's Little Games Old King Compost Lenguin the Penguin Table Manners for the Young Tortoise and the Hare When the Wind Changes The Woggaldy-Woo Flamingo Flamenco I'll Walk Along This Beach Again That Rip Rap Rhythm Joy of Snowboarding Brave, Brave, Sledderclob All in the Name of Poetry A Date With Death King of the Roost By Firelight Dispatching Your Tickle Insomniac Poet It's Onomatopaeia Stop and Think - Words Hurt Riding the Rough Rollers Far From Our Coral Home Queen of the Night Eye Speak Rhythm, Rhythm, Rhythm The Travellers Those Yorkshire Woollen Mills Pigs Prefer First Class When the Going Gets Tough Let's Celebrate Diversity Daredevil Dexterity Day of the Exam Flower of the Eternal Sleep Family of Man The Angel Lady Awakening Fairies of Janet's Foss Whales Canine Maths With Head in the Clouds Whales True Blessedness



The children at my local primary school who encouraged me to write these poems for them weekly over some years, also asked me to make this website for them as they wanted to come to their favourite poems again - but they especially asked me to make a listening page for them as they enjoyed listening to my poems weekly.  There is so much benefit for children in just relaxing for five minutes in a day and shutting off from reading and writing and to just simply relax and listen to a poem being read.  I do hope you'll tell your children that by simply Googling JOSIE'S POEMS they too can come here on their computers at home - and quite safely of course.  Josie

Josie 2017 The Happiness Formula Carp Diem Hello Sammy Spider Go Slow Which Shoes Suki's Trunk Two Little Lambs BBC Rado Leeds- Flower of the Eternal Sleep I Have a Dream The Scarecrow Rap The Taste-Taker Rabbits The Big Red Bus The Little Butterfly A Little Green Caterpillar Clickety Clack Town Mouse and the Country Mouse Molly the Meerkat The Bride Named Spring Don't Grumble When . . . Rain - a Simile Poem Fifty Flashing Fireflies Mrs Owl Freedom Frankie Frog Mr Worm The Monster Rap When the Monster Came to School If Pigs Could Fly On the London Bus Rain - a Simile Poem Make That Change Autumn Leaves Eagerly - an adverb poem How the Camel Got His Hump Give Us a Buzz Making a Rainbow Rain, the Sun & the Clouds Missing That Test Cockcrow at Dawn Change Cockcrow at Dawn Goldilocks & the 3 Pigs You're Somebody Special The Best Donkey of Them All Making the Christmas Pudding Best Donkey of Them All Making the Christmas Pudding Gastronomically Speaking Two Little Lambs King of the Night Tripping the Light Fantastic Thank You for this Moment in Time Christmas Alone The First Christmas Day Santa's Shut Up Shop All's Well That Ends Well Snow Queen and the Snow King