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Look at our world: see the work that God’s done?

Look at the heavens - at the stars, moon and sun.

    Look all around you and what do you see?

    A world made by God that’s for you and for me.


Look at the people you meet in the street.

Look at the smiles of the ones whom you greet.

    Look all around you and what do you see?

    People with feelings, like you and like me.


Look at the animals, both the large and small -

Those who are tiny and those that are tall.

    Look at the flowers and the birds in the trees

    And thanks be to God that he made all of these.


Look at the harvests of barley and wheat;

Look at the fruit which is juicy and sweet.

     Give thanks to our God who has made everything

     And, with joy in our hearts, let us gratefully sing.



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By Josie Whitehead

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SUGGESTION:  Why not make this poem a centre-piece on your classroom wall and surround it with beautiful pictures to go with this poem.  If you have any spare, let me have one or two for my website if there is no copyright on them.  Thanks.

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