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Love me in the summertime,

     When days are long and warm,

Love me under skies of blue

     And through a summer storm.


Love me when the roses bloom

     And seas are warm and blue

For I promise on this special day

     I’ll share my life with you.


Be the shoulder that I cry on,

     Be the friend who is at my side.

Be the one I trust with everything

     And my secrets never hide.


Be the inspiration in my heart

     And the centre of my life,

As today we pledge our oneness

     To be husband and be wife.


When days of summer sunshine

     Melt into autumnal gold

And winter winds surround us

     And we shiver with the cold,


Spring days will shortly follow

     And these days I'll share with you,

But in summer we'll remember now

    When these vows we renew.


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By Josie Whitehead

Heading Well, If This Isn't Love