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Photograph by David Hickes, freelance photographer for the Dalesman Magazine

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Cover Ebook Poems to Perform Cover Poems to Perform Book 2 And Then Out Came the Sun cover Cover

This is my best selling performance poem for younger children.  Click on book for contents.


It is beautifully illustrated by children's artist, Nicole Geast, who has also illustrated Simply Sensational



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The Ice Queen 2

There are many more sports poems here:

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Website 2:   Minibeast Poems for children aged 3 - 8 years

               Birds:  Favourite bird poems for children of all ages

Website 2: Funny Poems guaranteed to make them giggle their socks off


Website 3:  Senses Poems:  For children from 4 - 8 years - Lots of fun poems here to teach

                       them about their five senses.  (Simply Sensation - illustrated e-book)

               Children's Story Poems 2 - Lots of story poems in three e-books:

                 and . . . . FOR SECONDARY SCHOOL CHILDREN:

                Anti-Bullying, Reflective/Thinking Poems/Personal Development/Sports

                    Narrative poems etc etc (in three e-books)    


Website 4:  Animal Poems: - Two e-books of animal poems for children of all ages

               Christmas Poems - Two e-books of very popular Christmas poems for children of all ages


Website 5:    Magical/Mystical Poems and all you need for Halloween and more - 3 e-books

                     Funny Poems - Children love funny poems, and so do I, so here are another two        

                          e-books of poems to give them cause to laugh.