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Note:  There is COPYRIGHT on all of my poems.  Almost 400 of my poems were published by an educational publisher in 2010, and the poems were chosen by teachers and children in many schools in West Yorkshire.  These printed books are not now selling as he has retired and sold his business.   Oxford University Press are now publishing my poems and CGP Books.  Approximately one third of poems are for every age group, including teenagers and adults.  Look in every index.

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Do your children know

they can reach it at home?



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Why did the angel bring a message for this poor old donkey?  What special job did God have for him to do?


Here is something your children can do in class and eat it for lunch whilst learning about anapaestic tetrameter too.  They'll love this Christmas treat.  


Best Donkey - Peter Hudspith The Best Donkey of Them All Anapaestic metre Making the Christmas Pudding