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Note:  There is COPYRIGHT on all of my poems.  Almost 400 of my poems were published by an educational publisher in 2010, and the poems were chosen by teachers and children in many schools in West Yorkshire.  These printed books are not now selling as he has retired and sold his business.   Approximately one third of poems are for every age group, including teenagers and adults.  Look in every index.

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The BBC asked me to record one of my poems in the location in which it was set in Yorkshire.  On the one day that this was to happen, there was a huge snowfall and neither I or the film crew could get to this location.  It is a poem which also so inspired teachers and children that it, along with almost 400 other poems, were published in 2010 by an educational publisher.  Which poem was this?  See:


I am SO inspired to write autumn poems when I see the colours of autumn through my window.  I've, therefore written lots of wonderful autumn poems for your children.