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Brook Street, Ilkley

The mighty river leads a life

    So different to our own.

It beats a path through dale and town

    On a bed that’s rough with stone.


It trickles down from haunts in hills;

    It flows to meet the sea,

And leads an independent life

    With little thought of me.


Its moods swing wildly day by day

  And weather plays its part.

Streams that flow from heathered hills

   Can stir its watery heart.


It flows one day with quietude

    Along its pebbled bed.

Next day, when rain has beaten down,

     It flows with speed instead.


It’s then its waters swirl and churn;

    Its currents seek out prey –

And woe betide the foolish ones

    Who in its path should stray.


But a river plays capricious games

    And can show a cordial face.

Children paddling in the sun

    Can enjoy its cool embrace.


Families picnic on its banks

    And dogs wade in and swim

And, on warm summer evenings,

      Watch the swallows dive and skim.


Ducks rear their young and children play.

    The river sees them all

Whilst streaming on its seaward way

    Through dale and urban sprawl.


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By Josie Whitehead