By Josie Whitehead

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Written for a lady I loved and miss dreadfully - my mother.  This sonnet is written in iambic pentameter, ie five iambic feet per line.    A sonnet is always fourteen lines long and the rhyming scheme for a Petrarchan sonnet is:  abba abba cde cde

Strong arms that lift, sweet lips that gently smile.

      Caressing fingers stroke my baby face.

      Whilst I find comfort in your warm embrace,

Stay with me, mother dear, for just a while.


The cheating years have passed with stealth and guile.

      Old age is something no one can embrace.

      Allow me, Mother dear, to take your place

It’s now my turn to give you things worthwhile.


        Accept the love that you first gave to me.

        Accept from me my patience and my time;

        Affection, kindness, love are freely given.


        Forbearance, love - these blessed gifts are free;

        They topped your list, now gladly they top mine.

        Past anger gone; all hasty words forgiven.



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I was delighted when teachers in schools across my region of West Yorkshire chose this poem for publication in 2010, along with almost 400 others.  

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