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What shall we do then with Mr Pedantic?

We’ll hide all his books and he’ll soon become frantic.

    As his life is conducted from words in his book,

    Ask him a question, then wait whilst he looks.


So, what shall we do then with Mr Pedantic?

Without help from his book he can’t get romantic.

     He turns to his book before sending roses

     And reads what to say before he proposes.


A puffed-up and proud man is Mr Pedantic!

A know-all, a show-off with head that’s gigantic!

    He seems intellectual whilst others are thick.

    Whilst my mind is slow, his own appears quick.


We know what we’ll do then with Mr Pedantic.

Let’s send him canoeing across the Atlantic.

     He’ll not find his books way out there in the sea

     And whilst he’s canoeing, he can’t annoy me!



Copyright on all my poems


This was one of 400 poems chosen by teachers and children in West Yorkshire for publication by AMS Educational in 2010.  Sorry, no longer published but books are in library.  However, you have all these poems here freely available.



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