Every Sunday, in his church pew,

    Sits 'old stuffy' and his wife.

But, does he find amusement

    In his sober, pious life?


He sees no good in others

    And he doesn’t really care.

He’s haughty and he’s puffed-up

    Even when he says a prayer.


Sometimes he preaches sermons,

    But we’ve heard it all before.

One woman’s head dropped forward

    And we heard a fearsome snore!


An iceberg?  Yes, quite frozen

    With a saintly, pious face.

Those sulky, glowering looks tell you

     That you are in disgrace!


His long-term goal is Heaven,

    With those other godly folk - - -  but

God only lets you through His gates

    If you can share a joke!


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PS:  I am fortunate not to know anyone like Mr Sanctimonious and especially not at the church I go to.  Quite the opposite in fact.  So believe me when I say he is truly fictional.

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