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In the days of my childhood, we small girls were told

That warm woolly knickers would keep out the cold.

    So Mum bought some for me to keep out the chill.

    They were pretty and cosy and each leg had a frill.


“Jack Frost will not bite you! You’ll never feel cold -

And look, they're so pretty,” was what I was told.

    We lacked central heating as the homes of today,

    So our warm woolly knickers  kept us cosy all day.


Our school wasn’t heated as the schools of today

And school knickers were navy, dark green, even grey.

    Ah - but now I’m a Granny and my home is quite hot -

    Wear warm woolly knickers?  No!!!!  Certainly not!!!


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What are knickers? (Enlgish name).  Usually pants/pantees with longer legs, as in my  first photo.  When I went to school, a long time ago, they were usually navy-blue or dark green, and had elastic round the legs - - to keep out the cold because there wasn't the heating in schools that you have today.  Today, we in Britain, often refer to all pants/pantees as knickers (pronounced nickers). I discovered that the children of Wisconsin didn't know the word knickers when I wrote this poem for them for a skype visit.  The teacher said afterwards, when everyone eventually laughed:  "Well they do now.  That is a new word for them here that they will love."   Today everyone seems to wear trousers, so we're all warm in winter but the above knickers are especially made to wear under trousers so they say.

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