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No blackbird’s song at 3 am;

    No scorching summer sun;

No shorts, bikinis or sun hats;

    No deck chairs - no, not one!


No daffodils, no primroses;

    No blossom on the trees;

No chaffinch singing in a hedge;

    No butterflies or bees.


No weeding, watering, lawns to cut;

    No garden tool in sight;

And it seems that every swallow now

    Has taken off in flight.


No golden leaves left on the trees,

     But cool, soft mists appear.

Bonfires, fireworks, chilly nights –

    Ah yes, November’s here.


How sad would be our earthly lives

   Without our days of spring -

Bereft of summer’s warming sun

    And the blessings that it brings.


How sad to not see autumn’s gold

    And softly fading sun.

How sad to miss the winter’s snow

    That brings to children fun.


How nice to see the first snowdrop

   And know that spring’s nearby.

You like four seasons in a year

    And for certain so do I.



Copyright on all my poems


By Josie Whitehead  

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