Many poets exalt the beauty of the natural world.  A E Housman inspired me.  Why not try a little poem yourself, eg a pretty flower, a sweet singing bird etc etc.  I thank God for thespring flowers which speak to me of resurrection and the daffodil comes at Eastertide when we especially think of resurrection and new life.  Now go and see A E Housman's poem, "Loveliest of Trees, The Cherry Now".  Link above this poem.

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Loveliest of flowers, the daffodils,

From springtime gardens rise and spill

    Their beauty to the world around,

    Bulbs deep in the still-cold ground.


In wintry winds they toss their heads,

And some lie broken on their beds,

     But all of them announce with pride

     That spring has come!  It’s Eastertide!


In yellow, white, in pink or gold,

They shiver quietly in the cold.

      In gardens, parks and cemeteries

      They billow colour to the breeze.


Who knows what next year has in store,

But in my mind I keep a drawer

      In which preserved scenes such as this

      Will later bring me inner bliss.              


Thank God for all the springtime flowers

That withstand winds and April showers,

     And year by year in full perfection

     Speak confidently of resurrection.



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This poem is different in many ways to Wordsworth's "Daffodils".  He writes his poem with iambic tetrameter whilst this is in iambic heptameter for one thing.  Also see how many colours the daffodils come in nowadays!  We've moved on quite a bit.  I also keep my memories of the daffodils but in a drawer and my memories also bring me inner bliss, as Wordsworth's mental picture did too.  The other likeness to Wordsworth's poem is that this poem was published, but unlike Wordsworth, it was one of almost 400 published in 5 books, which for a first-time author is quite amazing.  Josie