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Beven, Grumble Bee



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I’m off to nursery school today

    For a couple of hours or so.

I’m glad that Mummy’s taking me

     For I don’t know where to go.


I’m learning many different words -

    New adjectives and nouns.

I’ll remember all my colours -

    The reds, the greens and browns.


Yes, I’m off to nursery school today

     But it’s hard to say goodbye.

I know I won’t be there for long

    And it’s silly if I cry.


There are lots of lovely toys for us

    And many games to play,

But that which I like best of all

    Are biscuits from the tray.


We learn to sing, we learn to dance

    And climb up on the slide.

I’ve done a pretty picture which

     I’ll give to Mum with pride.


I’m learning how to share the toys

    With other girls and boys,

But why is it they want to keep

    My very favourite toys?


The action games are fun.  I know

     My shoulders from my knees,

And I met little Susie Spider and

     Beven Grumble Bee.


I can clap my hands, touch my toes

    And jump right in the air.

It’s nice to meet new children

    And discover what they wear.


Now nursery school has finished

    And Mum’s waiting by the door.

The time has gone by much too fast.  

    Tomorrow there’ll be more.


So just for now I’ll say goodbye -

    We’ll meet another day.

My nursery school is just the place

     To meet my friends and play.


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