Weather/Seasons Mr Wind

Oh wicked wind that roams the hills

And sadly snaps the daffodils;

    Who breaks the branches of the trees

    And dances on a playful breeze.


I heard you screeching as you passed

With a lusty, loud and boisterous blast.

   I heard you blow with all your might

   Throughout the evening and the night.      


Oh whistling wind with woeful wail

You leave destruction in your trail

   And whirling waves toss ships at sea

   As, unrestrained, you wander free.


Trees tremble as you pass them by

With melancholy, mournful cry.

   Clouds quickly scuttle overhead;

   Small creatures dash away in dread.


Oh wild, wild wind, your driving force

That causes strife has no remorse,

   And yet your breeze, so cool and sweet,

   Brings respite from our summer’s heat.


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Look for lots and lots of alliteration in my poem.  Josie

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By Josie Whitehead

Oh Wicked Wind Mr Storm's Rage