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How to Write a Limerick Funny Poems



A poet’s not born, he is made,

So learn with tools of the trade

       I do hope you may

        Become famous one day –

And, with luck, perhaps you’ll be paid.


You should learn about iambic feet –

They’re rhythmic and ever so sweet;

        Trochees?  The reverse -

        Mix well in your verse

It’s simple; there’s no need to cheat!


Anapaests go diddy-DUM –

And dactyls?  A waltz you can hum.

        So with pen in your hand,

        And your subject well-planned

I feel sure a good poem will come.


Good poets gain fame when they’re dead.

This fact, though well known, isn’t said.

      Show the world your true light!

      Make sure it shines bright!

Then do something more useful instead!

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