We travelled on the train all night -

    We didn’t sleep a wink -

In nineteen hundred and fifty three.

   The reason?  Come on - think!


I was then eleven years of age -

    My brother, five years less -

And after travelling all night through

    We were tired, I must confess.


In Parliament Square we found our spot

    From which we waved our flags

And, as we couldn’t move from there,

     Mum brought the picnic bags.


We heard the cheering and the shouts

     As guests passed one by one,

And we soon forgot that we were tired

     By having so much fun.


We had to laugh at things we saw,

    And you would, I feel sure,

For men were poised at every turn,

    To clean up horse manure.


The roads of London were kept clean,

     The sun shone from the sky

And the cheering soon reached fever pitch

     As the royal coach passed by.


We waved and waved and screamed with joy

      To see our sweet princess,

And she smiled too and waved at us,

      But was nervous I would guess.  


Most people stayed within their homes

      And watched it on TV -

But we, right there, amidst the crowds

      Were as happy as could be.


Now many years have quickly passed

     Since she came on the throne,

And she, like I, must wonder where

     These many years have flown.


So many kings and queens have ruled

     Upon the British throne,

But I’m glad Queen Elizabeth

     Is the queen I call my own.


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By Josie Whitehead

Heading The Slow Train to Bridport