One of the Small Folk

By Josie Whitehead

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My name is Jack Hall and I’m terribly small.

     Take care where you plant your big feet.

With heads held up high, people quickly pass by

     And they don’t spot me here on the street.


I’m less than a midget – well perhaps I’m a digit,

      And I’m smaller than even an elf.

The problem you see, being small like a pea,

       I cannot reach up to a shelf.


So I made a decision, though met with derision,

     To do all my shopping by phone.

I made out my list and nothing was missed

     And I spoke to a person unknown.


A bottle of beer would last me a year

     And a cake would of course last for two,

So don’t joke or tease, but tell me do please,

     Whatever should tiny folk do?


At the end of the phone, the person unknown,

     Laughed aloud at an order so small.

Then with a loud groan, slammed down the phone

     So that was the end of my call.


Well, I may be misguided but, yes I decided

     To live with the elves in the wood.

Now, full of delight, for I knew I’d be right.

     I’m loved as all little ones should.



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