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Said Granny:


You’ve taken my biscuits and hidden my shoes.

You’ve fallen downstairs and you’ve got a bad bruise.

    You ate too much ice-cream and now you are sick

    And where have you hidden my new walking stick?


You’re so overtired but you won’t go to bed.

You cut your hand badly and oh, how it bled.

     You’ve made me a picture?  That’s surely not me! -

      For that person’s ugly whilst I’m lovely you see.


When I didn't notice, you ran down the road

And what’s under my table - a  slimy grey toad?

    You left what I’d cooked, then asked for a sweet – and

     What’s this filthy thing you’ve picked up from the street?


You had on dry clothes, but goodness - now look!!

They’re dirty and wet where you’ve played in the brook.

    But how can I scold you?  You’ve had a good day.

    It’s what we did, when children, so I guess that’s Okay.



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This poem was written especially for my own little grandson - although he really wasn't like the boy in this poem.  No way!  But I would sometimes kindly say:  "How's my little devil then?"  So the poem was originally called "Ooooh! You Little Devil."  When the poems went out to the schools for market-research, before publishing, one teacher put her pen through "devil" and changed it to "scamp."  My grandson had never heard that word but he laughed and laughed and laughed and said:  "It is a very FUNNY word Granny and much better than "devil" - and so you must call your children "scamps" from now on.  By the way, the poem was published and enjoyed in classrooms in books, but you have it also.  Enjoy it.  Josie



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