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We’ve many creatures in our school

    That roam around all day.

We’ve tried to think of everything

    To drive them all away.


The bookworm’s very well behaved,

    But we think that he is boring,

So we’ll leave him, his head in book

    To gently go on gnawing.


The copycat is such a pest!

   Let’s chase him out of sight.

He uses his good eyesight

   To copy things we write.


The computer mouse is busily

     Working on the table.

The copycat would jump on him

    And eat him, if he’s able.


Be careful with that spelling bee

    For when he comes along,

He has the knack of stinging folk

    Who get their spellings wrong.


Now tell me, then, what do you think

     That we might have for lunch?

It’s a hot dog with a salad dish,

     So that dog we can crunch.


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