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This was one of almost 400 of my poems that was chosen by teachers in schools across West Yorkshire for publication in 2010.  I hope that you like it.  Josie

What’s in the air that we can’t feel

      And cannot even see?

Yet, even though you'll hear no sound,

      It’s there for you and me.


Without it fires would soon go out

      And living things would die.

It lives in both the sea and earth,

      And up there in the sky.


It’s vital for the health of all;

     Without it we’d be dead.

Our hearts are pumping it around

     And through our veins it’s fed.


The subject, yes, is oxygen -

      And for all of us, it's free.

All living things depend on it,

     Including plants and trees.  


Our bodies are filled to the brim

     With this essential fuel.

You use it when you play at home

     And whilst you learn at school.


It’s lucky that upon this earth

     We have a good supply

And, whilst you think about these facts,

     I’ll wish you all goodbye.



Copyright on all my poems



By Josie Whitehead

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