Is your writing quite dull?  Does it not get reviews?

Has your brain gone to sleep and what of your muse?

      I've read some good tips and I tend to agree.

     Now here’s what I read, so come follow me.


Grab your reader’s attention with headings that strike.

You must study them well and know what they like.

     Introduce what you’re saying in the very first line

     And get them enthralled with an opening that shines.


Then group thoughts together in a logical form,

Adding humour and colour to words that inform.

      Don’t wander around with that which you say

      For your readers have more things to do with their day.


Don’t smother the reader with your point of view

For they also have thoughts on the subject, like you.

      Assume that your readers have some common sense

      For most readers have but a few may be dense!


If you are an expert, don’t blind them with science.

Don’t show disagreement or too much compliance.

      Don’t put over your facts in a cold, icy way.

      Add a sprinkling of humour to that which you say.


Some ingredients for poetry are the same as for prose,

But there’s surely a difference so make sure that it shows.

      What kind of advice would you like to suggest

      To change dull, listless writing into some of the best?



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By JosieWhitehead  

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