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Did I join really?  Yes, the Caesarean Cycling Club, Jersey, in 1966 - and much younger and fitter then I think.  Our oldest member was in his eighties though.  He was known affectionately as Uncle Bill.

“Why should I take up cycling?

    What could it do for me?”

Cycling’s fun, give it a go

     And it’s entirely free.


A cycle needs no road tax and,

    Of course, no MOT.

And with no insurance on a bike

    That means a lot to me!      


“Well will it do my health good -

    Improve my shape and size?”

You’ll shed those pounds, one by one,

    With cycling if you’re wise.”


Your risk of heart disease will drop;

    You’ll soon feel great inside.

You’ll show the world a fitter you

    And show them all with pride.


“Will I meet other people too?

    New friends are what I need.”

Come for a family fun run then

    Where no-one aims to speed.


You’ll pedal through the country lanes

    And breathe in good fresh air.

You’ll see your stress disintegrate

    As you travel without care.


We meet for coffee on the route -

    That’s where we sit and chat.

With homemade scones and strawberry jam,

    I’m sure that you'd like that.


Those folk with energy to spend

    Can build up cycle speed

But we’ve lots of stages in between

    To meet each person’s needs.


The members of our club agree

    That pedal power’s a treat

So I hope that you’ll be joining us

    The next time that we meet.


“Yes, thanks for all your answers

    And I’ll join you right away,

And I and bike will meet you all

    For certain next Sunday."


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