There are excellent performance poems in these E-books.  Click on book for contents.

But the book which has outstripped every book this year for sales is . . . . . . .

CHRISTMAS FAIRIES is selling well because there are some excellent performance poems in this book for your children to perform beautifully either in their classrooms or on the stage at your Christmas Concert.  There are many with dialogue parts for small dramas, eg The Three Wise Men, a drama for 9 children.  "The Nativity Play at School" is really funny and a great poem for performance.  Last, but the top of the list every single year is "The Best Donkey of Them All" - but poems such as "Christmas Calypso" can be put to music effectively.  There are many others which are excellent for performance also. Click on books to see contents.

Now beautifully illustrated by Nicole Geast.

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So many of my poems, written with excellent metre and rhyme, come under the category of Performance Poems.  You and your children will find hundreds more performance poems than I have listed here.  These are a small few.  Josie

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