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Active Service Pay Book Postcards sent from Crossen Letter from the King Flower of the Eternal Sleep

Both the English and the German boys had fun.  It wasn't all bad.  They dressed up, blackened their faces and put on variety concerts, so Dad said.  They played football together and shared their cigarettes.  He said he didn't like the black German bread.   He helped the German officer, Herr Muller, with his photography - hence the photos.  They were allowed into the town once a week, where he bought his postcards.  They just kept a low profile and hoped to be home as soon as possible, and of course, it wasn't long until the end of the war 100 years ago.  If you don't believe me, listen to his 'message home' which he made aged 86, one week before his death.  He was one of the lucky ones for sure.