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Sweets that tingle on your tongue;

Sweets designed to tempt the young;

    Chocolate bars with fudge inside -

    Come on try one:  Open wide.


Sugared almonds, sticky rock;

Sweets that give your tongue a shock;

    Nougat, toffee, liquorice chews –

    Brittle centres, sweets that ooze.


Fruit bon bons and orange cream;

Huge gobstoppers?  They’re a dream.

    Peppermints and caramel

    And chocolate Easter eggs as well.


Sweets that look like walking sticks;

Those in jars or pick ‘n mix –

    Sugared gum drops, chocolate eggs - -

     Not good for one’s toothy pegs.


Butterscotch and jelly beans;

Fruit pastilles in reds and greens,

    Mint humbugs - - - oh, sweets galore –

    But you’ll know oh so many more.



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