Someone hid my panties

    And they're nowhere to be seen.

Since I put my make-up on,

    My face has turned bright green.


My alarm clock rang at 3 am.  

    That's really rather cruel!

Someone - now was it you? -

    Was playing April Fool.


Someone put a slimy toad

    Deep down inside my bed.

Then my soap went missing,

    But I've polish there instead.


My shampoo's turned my lovely hair

    An awful shade of blue.

So someone's playing April Fool.

    I hope it wasn't you!


Someone ate the cakes I made.

    I hope they made them sick!

I put some scented soap in them

    To stop their nasty tricks.


I tied their shoes together - but

    They won't untie those knots!

Is this the day for silly tricks?

    Oh yes, I quite forgot.


A P R I L   F O O L ‘ S   D A Y


Copyright on all my poems


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FOLLOW-UP:  I wonder if it was YOU who played these tricks on me?  What children and their teachers actually did, was to choose this poem, along with almost 400 others to be published, and it was published in my book "Celebrations" by AMS Educational Publishing, Leeds.  I hope you enjoy it too.  Josie