By Josie Whitehead

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There once was a girl called Plum Pudding –

    As sweet as a small girl could be –

And a popular girl was Plum Pudding

    For no child was more favoured than she.


A clever young girl was Plum Pudding

    With a truly poetical brain –

And once she learnt how to write poems,

    She’d write them again and again.


She wrote about fairies and witches;

    She wrote about dragons as well -

And, of course, writing so many poems,

    It helped small Plum Pudding to spell.


Her teacher said: “Goodness, Plum Pudding:

    You’re top of the class yet again.

I wonder, now, just what you’re doing

    That’s doing such good for your brain?”


“It’s poetry” said little Plum Pudding.

    “And I’ve written a poem for you.”

Said the teacher: “The writing of poetry

    Is a gift that is given to few.


"It’s a skill that needs daily attention.

    You must write a few lines every day

But be careful – remember this one thing:

   You really should find time to play.


"A poet who’s no time for playing

    Is a poet who isn’t much fun,

And a poet who just thinks of poems

    Is quite boring when all’s said and done."


Now Plum Pudding’s a poet quite famous

    So look for her books when about

For I’m sure that Miss Plum Pudding Poetry

    Is today very famous, no doubt!



Copyright on all my poems




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