In summer, when the days are long,

I go to sleep by blackbird song.

     I’m woken by the sunshine bright

    That, early, sent away the night.


In winter, quite the other way;

The night cuts short the length of day.

     In morning, when I must arise,

     There’s darkness all about the skies.


In springtime days are drawing out

And warmer weather is about.

     The gardens start to fill with flowers

     But springtime also brings the showers.


In autumn, summer says goodbye

And blows dark clouds across the sky.

      The days draw in, we’ve bonfires bright,

      But Christmas soon will be in sight.


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Influenced by one of my favourite poems by one of my favourite poets, R L Stevenson.  You can do this, but let your poem develop in its own way and with your own style imprinted on it.  Try:  In winter, when the nights are long etc etc or when the days are short. TO BED INSTEAD

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By Josie Whitehead

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