By Josie Whitehead

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Sometimes I think I should have been

A bishop, judge – perhaps a queen.

    I could have shown the world I’m smart

    With gifts of music, dance or art.


I think and think – then think again –

For thinking’s so good for the brain:

    Well sport?  I’m not the sporting kind.

     I’m too laid-back, I think you’ll find.


An actress? No, I’m rather shy!

My acting skills would make you cry.

   A priest, a judge, a doctor, vet?

   The very thought just makes me fret!


A chef?  Well, yes I cook quite well!

A witch, who casts a wicked spell?

    Oh no, no, no.  You will agree

    That witchcraft’s not the life for me.


But now I’ll tell you all the truth:

In years gone by – yes, in my youth -

   A teacher’s life was what I sought

   And such a happy life it brought.


And now, too old, for new careers –

It’s pleasant in my 'granny years'

   To not now brood on lost employ

   But write good poems that you’ll enjoy.


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Read my INTRODUCTION: I'm just lucky to be alive and to be able to use my fingers to type.  This is one of my main skills, and I'm also a shorthand writer.  I've been a teacher all myu working life and loved every minute of my work.  I enjoy now doing skype visits to chbildren's classrooms worldwide.  I'm so glad that I'm able to do something useful for children and young people and glad that I do write good poems that I know children enjoy.  Josie

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