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Some poems will give your heart a lift and others make you cry

And everyone can write a poem but often never try.

      A poem is so much fun to write, but needs a little care -

      So lift your pen and try to write some Poetry Anywhere.


Fill your home with poetry and fill your school classroom.

I much prefer the happy poems, not ones of doom and gloom.

     Poetry can make you think, but some poems really scare -

     But read and write it every day - yes, Poetry Anywhere.


Do you like scary monster poems or those which make you grin?

Monsters?  Witches?  Fairies?  Elves? - the short, the fat and thin?

      Poems of every sort are good, but here’s a tip: BEWARE!

      You can become addicted to that Poetry Anywhere.


The libraries fill their shelves with it, and websites have it too.

It’s fun to read just anywhere - yes, even in the loo!

    Prose is fine but surely there is nothing to compare

    To JOSIE’S POEMS for you know what: I write it


A N Y W H E R E!


PS: That's not strictly true.  I don't write it anywhere.  I have a muse who lives in my computer room, and it is only here where I can write a complete poem.  However, I do get ideas for them outside, so be careful if you come to Ilkley for YOU may be my next subject.


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