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Poetry Corner - May 2013

TETRAMETER - ie four iambic feet per line:  


You can choose to do your verse with tetrameter which is four iambic feet on every line, in which case you will rhyme on the second and fourth line.


Let's try it:  My first sentence was:


My father's car is blue and white  - - - - - ie four iambic feet.  What rhymes with white?  There are many words, but "bright" and "sight" look interesting.  What second line can you think of which has four iambic feet with a word that rhymes with white?


And when it's clean it looks so bright.

It really is a splendid sight.

He never takes it out at night.

To him, it is his main delight.


Now take one of your own sentences and in the same way write the second line using the rhyming dictionary and writing with four iambic feet as I've done.  You then write the next two lines in the same way to continue with your subject.  


HEPTAMETER - ie 7 iambic feet over two lines usually, although you can do them in one line.  If you do them over two lines, the last word on the second line is the rhyming word and so when you do  your next two lines, the rhyming word (the last word) rhymes with the second line.  


I'll give you some poems to go to where you can see this, and this will help you with your writing:

And then Out Came the Sun Homes Jack Frost


The Mallard Duck Your Five a Day Master of Display


Well Hello Mr Tawny Owl At Ten Past Eight Ice Cream Tears Back to School Betty Butty's Cafe



I'll teach you something new next time.

Poetry Corner 1 Rhymezone

Oh, your're back and did you practise your iambic feet?  If you don't do this, it is a bit like trying to play the piano when you don't know your scales.  Today we're going to add a second line:


I always write my poems on my computer, but you can write them by hand also.  A good idea is to keep Rhymezone open, so that you can find a good rhyming word:



Percy Peckle Pickled a Pear