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Let's start with writing some iambic metre which could perhaps lead you to writing a full verse.  This is just the limbering up part of being a poet.  I'll start you off and we'll start with four iambic feet per line, ie ti TUM ti TUM ti TUM ti TUM.  Write five a day this week.  Here are my five:


My UNcle's CAR is BLUE and WHITE

The DOG who LIVES next DOOR to ME

A GARden GNOME knocked ON my DOOR

Look UP and SEE the BRIGHT blue SKY



Just get into the habit of thinking of where the little stresses in words are because these are what we use to make rhythm in our poems.  If you try to say the above sentences reversing the heavy beats, you'll see it isn't natural in our language.  You'll do a better job than I've done I am quite sure.  Josie


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