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Are your poems gently moving?

     Do they dance upon the page?

Does your reader feel uplifted

     Or consumed with inner rage?


Are they journeys in your language

     Or just words that never shine?

Do they lift your readers’ spirits

     Like a glass of ruby wine?


Do you symbolize good literacy?

      Check carefully for mistakes,

For a moment with a spell check

       Is all it really takes.


Does your imagery and resonance

     Create emotional appeal?

Does your reader understand you

    Or is your message not revealed?


Don’t unload your angry feelings

     Into words upon the page,

 For your readers will lose interest

      In your misery and rage!


Test your poems on an audience –

    Try your mother or your dad -

For I’m sure when others hear them

     They will say they’re not too bad.



Copyright on all my poems



This poem was chosen by teachers and children and published in 2010 by AMS Educational Ltd -  (Josie's Poems - The Anthology) - (Ilkley Library)




By Josie Whitehead

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