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Pompous Percy, short and proud;

Head uplifted in a cloud.

    Haughty face and stubbly chin.

    Bald on top with reddish skin.


With beady eyes and roman nose,

He thinks: 'I’m better than all those!'

    With bloated ego, sullen face,

     He'll firmly keep you in your place.


You’ll never get the last word in.

He’ll never ever let you win!

    Rudeness is his stock in trade.

    His aim’s to make us all afraid.


With paunchy stomach, specs on nose,

His self-importance really shows.

    His strutting gait, the way he speaks –

    Outward show is what he seeks.


Pretentious people: Take good care

When outward show of pride you wear.

    Perhaps you now may wear a crown

    But many a man has been brought down.


When people see your ostentation

This will cause them much frustration.

    With stealth they’ll cut you down in size

    And bask in bliss at your demise.


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Heading - Cream and Black Ponpous Percy - Heading The World's Worst Snob God Save Me From . .

Have you met Pompous Percy?  You'll find them for certain on poetry writing websites.  They know it all and enjoy putting others down.  They probably have been to university and are an authority on everything, and especially your poetry and trying to get you to change it.  Yes, I've met them and you will have met them too.  I never met them as a teacher, but then you close the door on the world, teach your students and the good results of their exams indicates that you too are an authority on your own subject doesn't it?  Yes?  No?  Discussion coming?  Josie