There's a wandering man who's no time for a wife,

There’s no place for a family in his busy life.

     He doesn't make friends - this pitiful soul -

     For travelling the globe is his only goal.


His life’s very different from your life or mine.

He’s no time to chatter, not even to dine.

    He works without rest from morning till night.

    In his active life there’s no time for delight.


He rambles around with no need for a bed.

And he has little need to lay down his head.

    God’s not in his life.  He does not need church

    As he circles the earth in one almighty search.


Yet most folk have met this mysterious man

 Who works for us all just as fast as he can.

     He soaks up the words in his language caboodle

     And everyone loves him – poor dear Mr Google.



Copyright on all my poems


* Caboodle:  The whole number or quantity of people or things in question.

Mr Google deals with all the words that you write on the computer screen when you Google a subject.  Try writing:  JOSIE'S POEMS -  Yes, he knows these words well.


A Professor of Literature in China (Yunsheng Jiang) wrote a newspaper article for a leading newspaper in China about my poems.  He said I was unique because I could find a story anywhere, in a compost bin or even a search engine such as Google.  Well, he's right.  There are subjects anywhere.  Josie








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