Frustrated, angry?  It’s quite clear

It's time to write a poem, my dear.

     Full of angst?  A broken heart?

     Lift your pen and make a start.


Carrying round some inner hate

Burdening you with heavy weight?

     Write a poem. Yes, that is best.

     Get it all right off your chest.


Come on now, don't scream and shout -

With poetry let it all flow out.

    Inner anguish, torment, grief!

    A poem could bring you some relief.


Once you start, you’ll see it flow

And inner turmoil soon will go.

     Yes, empty it upon your page

     And rid yourself of inner rage.


Bin those medicines and potions  

Poems are better for emotions.

    Your therapist would say: 'It's true.

    Poetry's just the thing for you!'


                  Yes, and so do I.



Copyright on all my poems


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By Josie Whitehead