There was a stirring in the bushes

    And a whisper in the air.

The birds, the mice and rabbits

    Had something to prepare.


'Mother’s Day is quickly coming,

     So just what can we do?'

They sat around and thought a lot,

     But didn't have a clue.


The little mice said quietly:

     'We've thought of something nice.

Let's steal some cheese for Mummy.  

    It’s a favourite treat for mice.'


'Cheese?' said the other creatures.

    'Our mums would not like that.'

'And the kitchen's closely guarded.  

    Did you think of Tom the cat?'


'Our mums would like some lettuce,'

    Said the rabbits, with a grin,

'And if the gate's left open,

   It’s quite easy to get in.'


'Have you forgotten Spot the dog?  

    He’ll soon chase you away?'  

'Oh dear, yes we remember,'

    Said the rabbits in dismay.


The subject had been thought about,

     Especially by the birds,

But they were very careful

    When it came to saying words.


They sat up in the branches,

    And called from high above:

'What every mother really wants

     Is lots and lots of love.'


Copyright on all my poems


* Published in 2010 by AMS Educational - and chosen by teachers and children in hundreds of schools.



By Josie Whitehead

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