Are you always far too occupied,

   When walking down the street,

To see the smiles that come your way

  And hear the words that greet?


Then, when you travel on a train,

  Turn off that mobile phone.

You’re in a world with other folk

   Not in one of your own.


Look outwards to our lovely world:

   There’s beauty all around.

Perhaps you’ll never see these things

  With eyes pinned to the ground.


You’re disconnected once again,

   With earphones on your head.

Remove that pitter-patter beat

   And communicate instead.      


Appearances speak lots of words -

   The way you look and act.

You’re judged by those observing you:

   For certain, that’s a fact.


Yes, socializing is a skill

  And builds a high esteem.

Your inner confidence will grow;

   You’ll work well in a team.


Hear other people when they speak;

   Don’t shut yourself away.

Show interest in the things they do

   And also what they say.


Then when you meet these folk again

    You’ll see a smiling face:

You’re someone they are pleased to know -

     Part of the human race.


So release your spirit from its cage:

   And show the world your glow.

Your assurance and your confidence

    I’m pretty sure will grow.



Copyright on all my poems


Chosen by teachers and children and published by AMS Educational in 2010 along with almost 400 other poems.

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By Josie Whitehead

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