In the land of Buy and Sell –

A place that broken hearts know well -

    The sun shines from fluorescent lights.

    There’s not a tree or bird in sight.


Sexy bras, new bags or shoes;

Designer clothes - seductive hues;

     Things to right your broken heart

     And give your life a big kick-start.


Retail therapy day and night

Will help to make you feel all right.

     So treat yourself - run up a bill

     And give your inner self a thrill.


Then colour hair, drop down a size

And look around at all those guys  - - - -??????

     No!  Please don’t look  -  you have a break!

     The last one was your big mistake!


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By Josie Whitehead


Secondary Schools

Is retail therapy the answer to your problems, or forgetting what you are running up on a credit card - - - or drink or drugs?  Well, what is the best way to get one's life back on track after whatever has happened?