Goodbye to work.  You’re on a high.

     It’s the best day of your life!

You gladly hand the reins over.

     Goodbye to toil and strife.


When morning comes you lie in bed

     And look up at the ceiling.

There’s no one here to harass you.

     I know just how you’re feeling.


The sun shines through the window

     And you hear the sound of feet.

It’s others going off to work.

     You can hear them in the street.


Within you burns a warming glow.

     Your new life now is starting.

You see the cards from colleagues

     Who were sad at your departing.


You must arise, get dressed and out.

     There’s no time left to lose.

Today is yours and yours alone

     To do just as you choose.


So why then feel  guilty

     On the best day of your life?

“Because I said a fond farewell

     To my poor still-working wife."


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By Josie Whitehead

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