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We're all running each morning whatever the weather.

Today I'm alone, but tomorrow, together.

     With running shoes on and my muscles well primed

     It's now finger on stop-watch.  This running is timed.


I'm up early today for the great day is here

And I tell myself kindly there’s nothing to fear.

      Oh it’s only a race and I mustn’t be scared

      For I’ve trained many weeks and am fully prepared.


Is it only a race?  Such an innocent word

But I need to maintain the fast speed of a bird.

     Is it only a race?  No, I really MUST win!

     And I mustn't look worried but dress with a grin.


Now we’re all at the start-line; whistle is blown,

And now down comes the flag and I feel so alone.

      My poor feet take a pounding along the hard course,

      For I’m trained as a human and not a racehorse.


There are others ahead, but I mustn't heed these,

For I know who they are and can beat them with ease.

     With my confidence growing, adrenalin flowing,

     Ignoring the rest, I know just where I'm going.


I go round the next bend.  Oh I’m now almost there.

Shall I throw to the wind all my worries and care?

      I can hear the crowds shouting and Mum shouts the most

      As with pride I bound over the school's winning post.


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