Reflective Poems Try: Faith, Hope and Love Secondary Schools

Dreams, just like sandcastles, can be washed away

     As they sit on our beach called Hope Bay.

But, like children, we should all start building again,

      With the hope that this time they will stay.


We start with one bucket of sand in our heart,

     And we tap it to make it secure,

But we see the cruel sea creeping over the beach,

     Bent on destruction for sure.


Don’t build your dreams on the beach called Hope Bay,

     For the waves may devour them with greed,

But, like the child that lives deep in your heart,

     Try again if you want to succeed.


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Who hasn't had their hopes and dreams dashed in life, to see them as crumbled sand on a beach?  They may be your ambitions or they may be your relationships, but don't let them ruin your life.  You have so much more to give of yourself that others need.  Start again.

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By Josie Whitehead