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I forgot to clear my bedroom up,

      And  didn’t clean my shoes.

I never washed behind my ears,

     But remember things I choose.


I can’t remember homework and

   Forget my books for school.

Well, these are really boring things,

    But don’t think I’m a fool.


I  do remember pocket money,

    And don’t neglect my friends.

I can’t forget my crisps and sweets,

    I’m sure you’ll comprehend.


It’s called selective memory –

     Recalling things you like.

I hope Dad’s memory is good -

   He’s promised me a bike.


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Don't we all have selective memory?  We remember the things we like to remember, or things which are important at the time - but haven't got the habit of forgetting things which are not important to us.  This is a good poem for discussion and chosen by teachers and children for publication in 2010.  Josie





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