Send me a dream of a world that's at peace,

Where hatred  has gone but where love can increase.

     Send me a dream where man's uncaring thought

     Is banished completely and caring is taught.


Send me a dream of a world that is clean –

With meadows and forests  unpolluted and green.

     Send me a dream where our fish stocks survive

     And our wildlife can happily flourish and thrive.


Send me a dream where pollution has vanished -

Where we walk on two feet, with motor cars banished.

    Send me a world where friendship has worth -

    But I think that my dream world is not of this earth.



Copyright on all my poems



This poem was chosen by teachers and children for publication in 2010.  I can't believe that in my lifetime, and probably not in yours either, this type of world could exist.  Use this poem for discussion in your class and please write down what your dream for our world would be.  If anyone writes a wonderful poem about it, please do send it to me.  I'd love to see what your dream is.  Although I had 5 book published by AMS Educational Ltd in 2010, they are not published any longer and the publisher has retired. In the meantime you can enjoy the poems on this website and my other 4 websites.



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