Does your shadow dance a lively jig

     Or flicker on your wall?

Does it gently come and quietly go

     And change from large to small?


Does it lightly dance upon the sand

     Or tremble under trees?

Perhaps it simply follows you

     And waltzes on the breeze.


When dark clouds cross the sunny sky

     And hide the shining sun,

Your shadow likes to hide as well

     For hiding is such fun.


Then when the rain begins to fall,

     Your shadow starts to fear

The sun will never shine again

     And so it disappears.


It hasn’t really gone for good;

     There’s no cause for concern.

If you turn the lights on in your home

     Your shadow will return.


It’s very firmly tied to you

     For you’re its special friend,

And it’s promised to stay by your side

     From birth until life’s end.


Copyright on all my poems


*This is one of almost 400 poems which was published in 2010.  I hope you like it.  Josie

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